Decals & Magnets : stick to what works, grab their attention!

Personalized, Accommodating, Original

Imagine making an impression, a personal customized look, original and cut to your specifications. At Container Graphics Direct our design team will work closely with your business to make sure the product you envision is the product you receive.




Ease of use, cost efficient, and the ability to use on any hard and smooth service, with decals you are guaranteed flexibility with your advertising desires. Decals are very traditional and have been shown to be trendy for over a 100 years. Through all types of weather, new technologies make decals a more durable, optimal solution.




Whether it’s on a refrigerator door or a car, magnets made by Container Graphics Direct are known, like decals, for their ease of use and durability. Magnets focus on high traffic areas used by the average consumer. Made to accommodate any size or shape, we are here to find what fits to your needs.


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